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Joywash Fabric Perfume Passion

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Joywash Fabric Perfume Passion. 

One of the finest invention amongst the fabric perfume line, its packed with passion fruit smell which eliminate bad odour at the same time giving out that modern like fruit smell. 
Because of this unique sweet smell it is more likely to be used in open area, which gave fruity surrounding to levitate the mood. However from our past experiance and customer feed back it is also one of the most sought perfume to be used inside vehicle, as the fragrance is mellow enough for our nose to adept on the first contact.  
So why wait now, order it up as it came in various size 
A spray bottle, a 5 litre bottle and a big 10 litre bottle. 

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Fabric freshener that eliminates odours and 99.9% of odourcausing bacteria. Leaving a long lasting passion scent.